Custom Domain

Learn to connect your existing domain to Botgenuity chatbots for streamlined branding in this concise guide.


Custom domains serve as an essential component of branding, creating a unique identity that resonates with customers and instills trust in your services. The significance of a custom domain cannot be overstated when it comes to establishing a professional online presence. Recognizing this, Botgenuity simplifies the integration process, allowing you to utilize your existing domain to bring your brand to the forefront of your chatbot offerings.

Botgenuity's platform is designed to make this setup process straightforward and efficient. With just a few necessary DNS record entries, you can connect your custom domain to your Botgenuity chatbot. This not only ensures brand consistency but also provides a seamless user experience for your clients.

In the next sections, you'll find a clear and concise guide to adding the required DNS records through your domain registrar and activating your branded chatbot service on the Botgenuity platform. Let's begin the journey of elevating your chatbot service with the distinct advantage of custom domain branding.


Before we proceed with the custom domain integration on Botgenuity, there are a few key requirements that need to be in place. Ensuring you meet these prerequisites will facilitate a smooth and successful setup process.

Active Domain Ownership

You must already be the owner of an active domain. This domain will be used as the address for your chatbot, replacing the default domain provided by Botgenuity. An active domain means it is not expired and is registered in your name or your business's name.

Access to Domain Registrar's DNS Settings

Access to your domain registrar's DNS settings is crucial. It is from this control panel that you will make the necessary changes to the DNS records, directing your domain to point to the Botgenuity service. Please ensure you have the login credentials at hand for your domain registrar's website.

Familiarity with DNS Concepts

A basic understanding of Domain Name System (DNS) can be beneficial. While Botgenuity simplifies the process, knowing the functions of different DNS records — such as A records and CNAME records — will help you navigate the setup with greater ease.

By meeting these prerequisites, you will be well-prepared to move forward with integrating your custom domain with Botgenuity with minimal hassle. This is the first step in aligning your chatbot services seamlessly with your brand, providing a professional and cohesive user experience.

Applying Your Custom Domain to Botgenuity

Initiate Domain Setup

Log in to your Botgenuity account and navigate to the domain settings area. You can find this by clicking on the "White Label" tab in the left-hand navigation menu and then selecting "Custom Domain" from the sub-menu. Here, you will initiate the process for setting up your custom domain.

Enter Your Custom Domain Information

Within the domain setup interface, you'll be prompted to enter the domain you wish to associate with your chatbot service. Enter your custom domain name in the provided field. Please ensure you enter the correct spelling to avoid any issues with domain resolution.

Obtaining DNS Record Requirements

Upon submission of your custom domain, Botgenuity will present you with the specific DNS records that need to be configured. These records will typically include the necessary A or CNAME records which are crucial for directing traffic to your chatbot hosted on Botgenuity.

Updating DNS Records at Your Domain Registrar

Armed with the DNS records provided, log into your domain registrar's control panel and locate the DNS settings or DNS management area. Enter the DNS records exactly as displayed by Botgenuity. Depending on your registrar, you may be required to input details such as hostnames, values (IP addresses or domain names), and TTL (Time to Live) settings.

Verify Domain Configuration

After saving the new DNS records with your registrar, return to the Botgenuity domain setup interface and confirm that you’ve updated your DNS settings. Botgenuity will then verify that the records are correct and that your domain is now pointing to your chatbot service.

Activation and Propagation

Once Botgenuity has verified your DNS settings, your domain will be activated for use with your chatbot service. Domain propagation, the process through which the new DNS settings take effect across the internet, can take up to 48 hours but often occurs much faster. After that, your chatbot may be accessible via both the new custom domain and the original Botgenuity domain.

Upon completion of these steps, your custom domain will be successfully applied and operational with Botgenuity. Your chatbot now represents a more integral part of your brand, resulting in a professional touch to your online presence.