Efficient Chatbot Management through Powerful Tools

Explore a quick guide to managing chatbots with an easy-to-use tools. Learn to deploy, monitor, and improve your chatbot interactions effectively.

A list of chatbots settings

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Setting Up Your AI Chatbot - Initial Configuration

Learn how to define your AI chatbot with essential settings. Start by naming and describing its role for effective management and identification in the dashboard.


Efficient Chatbot Management Dashboard

Discover the powerful tool for monitoring and managing your chatbot interactions. Streamline your workflow with our intuitive dashboard.


Explore Interactive Chatbot Playground

Dive into a user-friendly space to interact with and test your chatbot in real-time. Experience seamless chatbot trials without the need for embedding.


Chat History Retrieval - Quick Reference

Discover how to navigate and utilize chat interaction records. Filter, search, and review past conversations for improved insights and performance.


Get a clear view of your chatbot's performance over time and make data-driven decisions to enhance efficiency.


Track and Manage Your Leads Effectively

Discover how to monitor, sort, and manage your leads with ease. Export and delete functionalities included for streamlined lead handling.


Effortless Chatbot Deployment

Seamlessly deploy your chatbot: Embed on webpages, integrate with iframes, or share direct links.