Chatbot Settings

Effortlessly configure your chatbot to suit your needs. Adjust settings for optimal performance and user engagement on our Chatbot Settings page.

A list of chatbots settings

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Setting Up Your AI Chatbot - Initial Configuration

Learn how to define your AI chatbot with essential settings. Start by naming and describing its role for effective management and identification in the dashboard.


AI Chatbot Customization Guide

Discover how to personalize your chatbot's responses and select the right AI model to enhance user interaction. Tailor creativity and consistency with ease.


Customize Your Chat Interface Easily

Discover how to personalize your chat experience with easy-to-use customization options. Set titles, initial messages, themes, and more to enhance user engagement.


Configure Chatbot Lead Capture for Customer Engagement

Discover how to configure your chatbot to efficiently collect lead information and never miss a connection with potential customers. Tailor lead capture to your needs.


Stay Informed with Chatbot Notifications

Learn how to configure email alerts for chatbot activities. Receive instant updates on new leads and monitor your message credits to ensure uninterrupted service.


Integrate Real-Time Chatbot Notifications with Webhooks

Learn how to extend chatbot capabilities with real-time updates using webhooks. Set up notifications to external services for seamless application integration.


Understanding Chatbot Rate Limit Guidelines

Learn how to manage your chatbot interactions effectively with our guide on adhering to rate limits, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted service.