Setting Up Your AI Chatbot - Initial Configuration

Learn how to define your AI chatbot with essential settings. Start by naming and describing its role for effective management and identification in the dashboard.


The General Settings page is where you begin the process of bringing your AI chatbot to life. Here, you will provide fundamental information that identifies your chatbot within our system and describes its purpose or role.

Chatbot ID

  • A unique identifier automatically assigned to your chatbot. This ID is used to reference your chatbot within our system and cannot be changed.
  • Note: Keep this ID confidential to prevent unauthorized access to your chatbot's configurations.

Chatbot Name

  • Enter the name of your chatbot as you wish it to be displayed internally. This name is used for identifying the chatbot in the dashboard and is not necessarily the name users will see.
  • This is a mandatory field to help you manage multiple chatbots.

Chatbot Description

  • Provide a brief description of what your chatbot is designed to do. This can include its functions, the type of interactions it is meant to handle, or any other pertinent information.
  • This is an optional field but can be valuable for internal documentation, especially when managing several chatbots.


  1. Chatbot Name: Enter a name that easily identifies the purpose of the chatbot to administrators and operators.
  2. Chatbot Description: Provide any additional information that describes the chatbot's intended use or capabilities.
  3. Submit: Click the 'Submit' button to save your general settings. You can edit these settings at any time to update your chatbot's information.

Please ensure the information entered is accurate and reflective of the chatbot's intended use, as these settings form the basis of your chatbot's identity in our system.