Understanding Chatbot Rate Limit Guidelines

Learn how to manage your chatbot interactions effectively with our guide on adhering to rate limits, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted service.


The "Rate Limit" settings page is a critical component of managing the AI-powered chatbot interactions. This functionality ensures that the chatbot remains responsive and stable by preventing abuse or excessive use that can lead to system overload.

Rate Limit Settings

  • Number of messages per window: This setting controls the maximum number of messages a user can send to the chatbot within a specified time window. The default is set to 20 messages.

  • Window Duration (seconds): This is the length of the time window in which the number of messages from a single user is counted. The default duration is set at 180 seconds.

  • Message: When the rate limit is reached, the user will be presented with a default message: "Too many messages in a row. Please try again later." This informs users that they have exceeded the allowable message limit and should attempt to interact with the chatbot after some time.

Additional Notes

  • Upgrade for Rate Limiting: The free plan does not support rate limiting. Users are prompted with an "Upgrade" option if they wish to access this feature.

  • Functionality: If a user exceeds the message limit within the window duration, they will be temporarily blocked from sending more messages to prevent spam and maintain quality of service.

  • Customization: The settings for the number of messages and window duration can be adjusted to fit the needs of different service levels or to manage expected user interaction volume.

Saving Settings

After adjusting the rate limit parameters, you must click the "Save" button to apply the new settings. It is essential to save the configuration to ensure that the chatbot operates with the latest defined constraints.