Your Content

We prioritize the security and ownership of your content. We employ stringent measures to ensure that the data you trust us with remains exclusively yours.

Data Storage and Processing

When you upload content to our platform, it is processed securely through OpenAI before being stored in Pinecone, a leading vector database known for its robust security features. For detailed information on Pinecone's security practices, please visit Pinecone Security.

OpenAI handles the initial processing of your data but does not retain any information post-processing. The only exception is a temporary 30-day period during which data may be held for abuse monitoring purposes. Further details can be found on OpenAI's data usage policies here.

In Pinecone, your content is stored in the form of text chunks associated with their corresponding vectors. This method ensures both efficient data retrieval and enhanced security.

Server Locations

Our infrastructure is predominantly hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS). The servers are strategically located across the United States and the European Union, with our primary data center situated in Northern Virginia, USA (region: us-east-1). This geographical distribution helps in maintaining data redundancy and optimal access speeds for a global user base.

By choosing Botgenuity, you are entrusting your content to a system designed with security, efficiency, and user ownership at its core. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of data integrity and protection.