OpenAI Integration with Botgenuity

How does Botgenuity utilize OpenAI's capabilities?

Botgenuity integrates seamlessly with OpenAI to enhance its functionalities. This integration allows users to leverage advanced AI models to process queries and generate intelligent responses.

Does OpenAI utilize my conversations to enhance its model?

As of March 1, 2023, OpenAI has ceased the practice of using personal data from conversations to train its models for API usage. This decision aligns with our commitment to user privacy and data protection. For more detailed information on our data usage and retention policies, please visit our policy page at OpenAI Data Usage Policies.

Is an OpenAI API key necessary to use Botgenuity?

For general users, there is no need to obtain an OpenAI API key. However, if you are subscribed to an Enterprise plan, you have the option to integrate your own OpenAI API key. This flexibility allows enterprise users to manage their API usage independently and align it with their organizational needs.

Can OpenAI access and store my documents?

OpenAI does not store any user documents. When processing documents, OpenAI converts the text into numerical representations known as vectors, which enable efficient data handling and searchability. However, these vectors are not stored by OpenAI.

For secure storage of content, Botgenuity utilizes Pinecone, a service dedicated to maintaining high standards of security for data storage. You can learn more about Pinecone's security measures at Pinecone Security.

By using these protocols, Botgenuity ensures that your data remains private and secure while providing powerful, AI-driven functionalities.