Explore Interactive Chatbot Playground

Dive into a user-friendly space to interact with and test your chatbot in real-time. Experience seamless chatbot trials without the need for embedding.


Step into our Chatbot Playground, a streamlined environment where you can directly interact with and test your chatbot's capabilities. This user-centric platform is crafted for immediate feedback, allowing you to refine your bot's conversational skills and ensure an optimal user experience. Here, you can quickly identify improvements, adjust responses, and enhance your chatbot's functionality without the need for full-scale deployment. Perfect for developers and enthusiasts alike, the Playground simplifies the path to a smarter, more responsive chatbot.

Interactive Features

The Chatbot Playground, embedded within the Botgenuity app, offers a live environment to engage with a fully operational chatbot. This section details the interactive capabilities you have at your disposal, while also reminding you that each message sent is counted towards your allotted message credits.

  • Real Chatbot Conversations: Engage in authentic dialogues with the chatbot just as your users would, testing its comprehension and conversational skills in real-time.

  • Immediate Feedback: Send messages and receive instant responses to evaluate the chatbot's performance on the fly, ensuring its replies are both relevant and contextually accurate.

  • Diverse Scenario Testing: Explore a variety of conversation scenarios to confirm your chatbot's ability to handle different user intents and transitions between topics smoothly.

  • Conversation Tracking: Keep track of the conversation history to review the flow and context of the chatbot's interactions, which is vital for refining its conversational strategy.

Please be mindful that as you utilize these features, each message you send will count towards your message credits within the Botgenuity app. It's important to plan your testing strategy accordingly to make the most of your credits while achieving comprehensive and effective chatbot testing.


Encountering issues while interacting with your chatbot in the Playground is a normal part of the testing process. Here are some common problems you might face and steps to resolve them:

  • Chatbot Not Responding: If your chatbot fails to reply, check for any network connectivity issues. Ensure that the Botgenuity app is up-to-date and that there are no server-side problems affecting the chatbot's functionality.

  • Incorrect Response Handling: When the chatbot provides unexpected answers, review the input it received and the corresponding intent it triggered. Refine your chatbot's training phrases and retest to ensure accuracy.

  • Exhausted Message Credits: If you've reached your message credit limit, you may need to wait until your credits are replenished or consider upgrading your plan to continue testing.

  • Resetting the Chatbot State: To start a fresh conversation without previous context, use the reset feature within the Playground. This can help simulate a new user interaction from scratch.

  • Persistent Problems: If issues continue despite troubleshooting, reach out to Botgenuity support for assistance. Provide detailed information about the problem for a swift resolution.

Remember, encountering and resolving these issues during testing is crucial for ensuring a smooth user experience once your chatbot goes live. Use the Playground's troubleshooting features to your advantage to create a robust and reliable chatbot.