How To Install The Chatbot on Your Squarespace Website

Quickly integrate Botgenuity ChatBot with your Squarespace website using this easy step-by-step guide to improve customer service.

Getting Started

Enhancing your Squarespace website with a ChatBot can significantly improve your visitor engagement and customer support. Follow these simple steps to install the Botgenuity ChatBot on your Squarespace site.

Step 1: Log In to Your Squarespace Account

Start by navigating to the Squarespace login page at Enter your email and password to access your account.

Step 2: Choose Your Site

If you manage multiple Squarespace sites, select the site you wish to add the ChatBot to.

Step 3: Access the Advanced Settings

In the left sidebar of your Squarespace dashboard, click on "Settings" to expand the options.

Step 4: Navigate to Advanced Settings

Scroll down the "Settings" menu until you find the "Advanced" option, then click to open it.

Step 5: Open Code Injection

Within the Advanced settings, locate and click on "Code Injection."

Step 6: Embed Your ChatBot Code

In the "Header" section of the Code Injection page, paste the AI ChatBot embed code provided by Botgenuity. An example of the code you might receive is shown below (ensure you use the exact code provided to you):


Placing the code in the "Header" section ensures that the ChatBot loads on every page of your website.

Step 7: Save Your Changes

Click the "Save" button located at the top left corner to apply the changes to your site.

Step 8: Verify the Installation

Visit your live website to see the Botgenuity ChatBot in action. For added assurance, right-click on your website, choose "View Page Source," and search for the ChatBot embed code to confirm it's correctly installed.

Important Note: Always exercise caution when adding custom code to your website. Verify that the code does not interfere with your site's existing functionalities. If any issues arise after the installation, double-check the code for errors or contact Botgenuity support for assistance.

By following these steps, you can effortlessly integrate a powerful ChatBot into your Squarespace website, enhancing user experience and streamlining customer interaction.