Configure Chatbot Lead Capture for Customer Engagement

Discover how to configure your chatbot to efficiently collect lead information and never miss a connection with potential customers. Tailor lead capture to your needs.


The Lead Capture settings page is designed to optimize the AI-powered chatbot's ability to gather potential customer information efficiently. By configuring lead capture settings, you can tailor how and when the chatbot collects contact details from users, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to connect with interested parties.

Lead Capture Configuration

To effectively utilize the lead capture feature, the following settings are available:

  • Show the lead form when the chatbot starts: Enabling this option will present a form to the user at the beginning of their interaction with the chatbot, allowing for immediate data capture.

  • Form Fields: Customize which information you wish to collect from users. Options include:

    • Name: Collect the user's name.
    • Email: Gather email addresses for follow-up communications.
    • Phone Number: Obtain phone numbers for direct contact.
    • Message: Allow users to leave a message, providing additional context or inquiries.

Setting Up Lead Capture

  1. Title: Set a title for the lead form, such as "Let us know how to contact you," which sets the context for users.
  2. Field Selection: Choose which fields you want to appear in the lead form. Check the corresponding boxes for 'Name', 'Email', 'Phone Number', and 'Message' as required.
  3. Customization: For each field you enable, provide a placeholder or label that will appear in the form (e.g., "Phone Number").

Additional Features

  • The form can also be configured to appear when the chatbot is offline or when message credits have been exhausted, ensuring that user engagement is captured at all times.

Important Note

  • Access to Lead Capture: This feature is available exclusively to subscribed users. If your current plan does not include lead capture, you will see a note indicating this, along with an "Upgrade" button to change your subscription plan.

Usage Example

Activating lead capture is particularly useful for businesses that use chatbots for sales or support purposes. When a user initiates a chat, the bot can prompt them to provide contact details, ensuring that even if the conversation is not completed, the business has the necessary information to follow up.

Managing Leads

Once captured, leads can be managed through the chatbot's dashboard or integrated with CRM systems via webhooks or other methods, depending on your service's capabilities.