White Labeling

Explore the comprehensive guide to effortlessly white-labeling your AI chatbot with custom domains and email settings.


White labeling, in the realm of digital products, allows you to offer a service that showcases your own branding while harnessing the robust features and technical infrastructure provided by another party. At Botgenuity, we understand the impact that a brand name can have on users' perception and trust. That's why we've equipped our platform with tools specifically designed to help you seamlessly integrate AI chatbots into your existing brand ecosystem.

As you expand your service offering with the addition of AI chatbots, the ability to customize these solutions to reflect your unique brand is crucial. This not only enhances client trust but also distinguishes your services in a competitive market. To facilitate this, Botgenuity offers two essential tools for rebranding your chatbot solution:

Custom Domain

Replace the default "botgenuity.com" domain with one that resonates with your brand identity. This enables you to promote your Chatbot using a personalized URL for demos, seamlessly integrate code snippets and URLs for iframe and widget embedding onto third-party websites, all while maintaining a coherent brand image.


Custom Email

Develop a consistent communication thread with your users by utilizing a custom email domain for automated notifications. Be it alerts regarding new leads, updates on operational issues, or notifications about low credits — ensuring all correspondence emerges from a recognizable email domain reinforces your brand's professionalism and reliability.


In the following sections of this document, we will guide you through the processes of setting up both of these white labeling tools on the Botgenuity platform. Whether you are looking to enhance user engagement, streamline customer communication, or simply incorporate AI chatbots into your business model, these features will prove indispensable in your journey towards creating a cohesive brand experience for your clients.

Please proceed to the corresponding sections for detailed instructions on the implementation of these white labeling tools and start capitalizing on the full potential of branded AI chatbot technology.