About Us

Botgenuity, an intuitive AI Chatbot building platform, has been meticulously designed and built by Cortenix LLC, a progressive tech company with a vision to create innovative, efficient, and user-friendly software products. The dedicated and passionate team of Cortenix LLC is behind this advanced tool, bringing the power of AI into the hands of individuals and businesses alike. Below, explore more about Cortenix LLC, the driving force behind Botgenuity.

What We Do

At Cortenix LLC, we're redefining the way businesses and individuals interact with technology, helping to automate and streamline everyday tasks. Our innovative company specializes in two key products that aim to revolutionize communication and customer service.

Our first product, Solidnexus, is a smart Outlook Add-on designed to automatically extract email signatures from incoming business emails. As emails remain a crucial resource for establishing and maintaining relationships in today's digital world, Solidnexus adds efficiency to this critical process, enabling businesses to focus on what truly matters - nurturing client relationships.

Our second offering, Botgenuity, is an intuitive AI Chatbot building platform. Designed with user-friendly interfaces and advanced algorithms, it brings the power of AI into the hands of individuals, low-tech companies, and Automation AI agencies. With Botgenuity, anyone can easily create conversational chatbots capable of answering questions about their Knowledge Base. This tool empowers businesses to provide real-time, personalized, and automated customer service.

At Cortenix LLC, we're committed to advancing your interaction with AI and automation.

Business Goals/Mission Statement

At Cortenix LLC, our mission is to create innovative, efficient, and user-friendly software products that enhance productivity and communication. With a deep-seated passion for technology and dedication to continuous innovation, we aim to be an industry leader in crafting solutions that solve real problems, automate processes, and elevate the overall user experience.

Putting customer satisfaction at the nucleus of our operations is fundamental. We aim to comprehend the needs and pain points of our users in detail to tailor our products and services, thereby exceeding their expectations and redefining their experience with digital solutions.

Our vision for the future is rooted in our commitment to advancement - be it through optimizing our functions, devising new tools, or reimagining customer interactions. We aim to continuously evolve, making strides in the ever-changing tech landscape and bringing the best of digital automation to the doorstep of our customers.

Guided by our core values - Passion, Innovation, and Reliability - we persistently strive to make a significant and positive impact on the businesses and lives of our customers and the tech industry at large. With every software solution we deliver, our focus remains on underlining the trust

Company History

Founded in 2018, Cortenix LLC is a forward-thinking tech company based in the United States. It started with a mission to create groundbreaking software products that deliver tangible solutions, automate processes, and redefine user experiences. Each member of our diverse and skilled team shares this passion to innovate, ensuring we produce the best for our customers.

Since inception, we have proudfully launched two highly successful products - Solidnexus, an efficient Outlook Add-on, and Botgenuity, an intuitive AI Chatbot building platform. Both products have significantly propelled us forward and made us a key player in the software technology landscape.

A milestone in our journey was partnering with Microsoft, leveraging their advanced technologies, cloud services, and products to efficiently power our cloud-based SaaS products. It marked a strategic move in optimizing our services and delivering on our promises to our clients.

Despite the ups and downs, our determination has helped us overcome challenges and turn them into opportunities for growth. It is with this tenacity, resilience, and a brilliant team, we've made giant strides in a relatively short span. We are proud of our journey so far, and we have our sights set on propelling the technology industry even further.


At Cortenix LLC, we truly believe that our team is our greatest asset. The combination of unique skills, knowledge, and creativity brings innovative software solutions to our clients worldwide.


Leading the team is Alex Bruner, our Founder and CEO. A seasoned expert in the AI industry, Alex comes with a Master's Degree in Computer Science. His profound understanding of the tech ecosystem and experience in scientific problem-solving ensure that Cortenix consistently stays at the forefront of technological innovation.


Our Co-Founder and AI Business Development and Marketing Lead, Dmitri Yermakov, utilizes his background in psychology to create user-friendly AI chatbots. His ability to blend cognitive understanding with AI application is instrumental to the development of our intuitively designed and easy-to-use chatbot platform, Botgenuity.

The collaborative effort of these two professionals along with our excellent team is the key driving force behind the growth and success of Cortenix LLC. Together, we endeavour to push the limits of what's possible in technological innovation, bringing reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solutions to our clients.